Our History

Beginning Our Journey 1885 - 1952
Building the Chapman Legacy 1953 - 1986
Diversifying Through Acquisitions 1987 - 2001
Launching Our Cultural Journey 2002 - 2009
Modern Era 2010 - Now
1885 Thomas J. 巴里成为了St .的南部一个小磨坊和一般修理店的一半老板. Louis, Missouri (USA). Thomas J Barry
1888 Barry opens a machine shop at 21st and Walnut streets, in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), to provide conveying and transportation equipment to malt houses. At this time, St. Louis was third in the nation for beer production—Anheuser-Busch alone sold 500,000-plus barrels of beer. 1888-1913_BW-Headquarters
1894 Alfred Wehmiller, Barry’s brother-in-law, joins the millwright business as a draftsman. 1894_Alfred-Wehmiller
1897 The Barry-Wehmiller Machinery Company is incorporated; with Barry as president and Wehmiller as secretary. 1898_Mr-Barry-and-Mr-Wehmiller_sepia

The company designs and erects its first continuous basket pasteurizer, an economical machine that totally submerged refillable bottles. A soaking machine also is developed to fill and empty bottles of various solutions.

From a Catalog: “推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的浸泡机是有史以来第一个将水箱通过横向隔板分成隔间或部分的机器, and in which the general direction of travel of the bottles was vertical instead of horizontal." 1901-basket-pasturizer
1903 Barry dies, and Wehmiller becomes president and treasurer.

Barry-Wehmiller builds a new plant at 4660 West Florissant Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), with strategic access to railroads, moving from 21st and Walnut streets, which had housed the company since 1888.

From a Pamphlet: “The location affords unsurpassed railroad connections for the plant, 哪个有三个独立的专用开关,用于运输所有的原材料和成品进出不同的建筑物." 1913_West-Florisant-Building-drawing-by-railroads

Wehmiller is recognized for his contributions to the dairy industry.

From a Press Notice: “Head of the Barry-Wehmiller concern, is one of the few St. 路易斯安那人值得全国成千上万人的感激和赞扬, 因为他是著名的“巴里-韦赫米勒方式”设备的发明者,这种设备被公正地声称并证明是生产“安全牛奶”的“最后决定”……. The Barry-Wehmiller wonderful equipment washes and sterilizes the bottles, fills them with clarified milk, seals them air-tight, submerging them for one hour and twenty minutes, pasteurizing the milk at 145 degrees and cooling it to 36 degrees.”
1917 授予Wehmiller和Barry-Wehmiller“液体巴氏消毒方法”的专利申请.”
1920 Prohibition begins, and facing an 80 percent loss in US sales, Barry-Wehmiller专注于国际酿酒业和乳制品清洗机和巴氏杀菌机的生产, introducing the patented National pasteurizer during this time. 1920-Pasturizer_Copenhangen
1927 Wehmiller dies, and his widow, Lillie, becomes president. 1927_LillianWehmillerRassieur

Prohibition ends, reinvigorating the bottling machinery business and the brewing industry. In anticipation of the repeal of Prohibition, the Super-National bottle cleaner is developed.

From an internal quarterly review published to honor the company’s 75th anniversary: “The first year of repeal brought a return of the annual brewers’ convention…. 正是在这些年度会议上,莉莉证明了自己是公司不可或缺的财富. Her gay good humor, 她无穷无尽的精力和对人的极大兴趣使她成为一个天生的亲善大使.”
1934  Alfred Wehmiller的儿子Fred在前年大学毕业后加入公司担任副总裁.
1935 Fred is named general plant superintendent.
1939 The revolutionary BW Vortex pasteurizer is introduced, expanding Barry-Wehmiller’s reach both within and outside of the brewing industry.
1942 Alfred Wehmiller’s son Paul is named a vice president, and devotes his time to US and international sales, especially in South America.

Barry-Wehmiller赢得了陆军-海军“E”奖,以支持第二次世界大战的生产需求. The company converted its facilities to produce 20mm projectiles, shell washers, components and fixtures for bomber turrets, gun yokes and other machine tools; team members grow victory gardens on the grounds.

From a US Navy website: “Representing only 5 percent of the estimated war plants in the nation, 这些工厂符合严格的资格要求,规模从单人工厂到大公司不等,其中包括从和平生产转为战时生产的设施, as well as new plants built especially for war purposes…. 卓越的质量和数量是授予奖项的两个决定性因素.”
1946 Barry-Wehmiller’s research department is founded to improve bottling machinery.
1950 A departure from the Super-National and its cleaning brushes, the International all-hydro bottle cleaner is introduced, with an impressive recommended operating speed of 500 bottles/minute.  1950_HydroJet
1951 Lillie Rassieur (formerly Wehmiller) resigns as president. Fred becomes president, and Paul is named executive vice president.
Barry-Wehmiller Ltd. is founded in London to provide more effective service and modern machinery outside of the US, without currency restrictions.
Barry-Wehmiller purchases the Edward Ermold Co. 这里有贴标员和拆包员,也有布鲁威大道的罐头标记员和拆包员.
1953 William A. Chapman joins Barry-Wehmiller as executive assistant to Fred. Bill had been involved with the company as an Arthur Andersen accountant. Bill Chapman
1955 Barry-Wehmiller获得了生产用于无标签瓶(软饮料)的Hydro-Jet瓶清洁剂的权利, primarily) and the New-Matic uncaser from the Liquid Carbonic Corporation.
The annual BW Seminar begins to educate bottlers in both English and Spanish.
1957 Fred dies, and Bill Chapman becomes president. He had previously served as vice president, general manager and treasurer. With the growth of canned beer, nonreturnable glass and German competition, the company struggles to stay in business.
1958 Barry-Wehmiller de México S. A. de C. V. is formed in Mexico City to provide reliable technical advice, and to supply quality repair and maintenance parts more quickly and affordably.
To improve service in Australia and nearby countries, Barry-Wehmiller (Australasia) Pty. Ltd. is formed.
The Palleter is introduced, 在一次同步操作中,自动将装满的饮料箱装载到托盘上,并将空瓶箱从托盘上卸下, bringing complete automation to bottling plants. The Causti-Clean removes labels from the soaking compartments of bottle washers.
1959 The Jagenberg Ultra-Tempo labeler is introduced, 令人印象深刻的是,纸标签的操作速度为每分钟300瓶,箔纸标签的操作速度为每分钟250瓶.
Barry-Wehmiller team members traveled 280,000 miles around the world, visiting customers located everywhere from Helsinki to Singapore and Johannesburg to Toronto.
1960 Barry-Wehmiller celebrates its 75th anniversary. From an internal quarterly review published to honor the milestone: “Old timers at Barry-Wehmiller are a dime a dozen. Twenty and thirty year service records are common. Father and son or father and daughter combinations are on the payroll. Many a St. Louis parent has said, ‘Try to get a job there. Wait if you have to. It’s always been a good place to work.’” BW 75th Anniversary

Barry-Wehmiller holds 34 US patents and 84 patents in 14 other countries.

Said Bill Chapman: “多年来,推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的产品得到认可,不仅仅是因为他们设定的质量标准, but is also due to the loyalty and support of our employees.”
1960s Barry-Wehmiller introduces new branding! 1960s Barry-Wehmiller logo
1963 Ownership passes to the Chapman family.
1969 Bob Chapman joins Barry-Wehmiller. Bob Chapman in 1969
1970s Barry-Wehmiller introduces new branding! 1970s Barry-Wehmiller logo

Bob Chapman becomes chairman and CEO after father’s sudden death from a heart attack.

Said Bob Chapman: “我父亲去世后没几天,推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的银行家就来拜访我,告诉我他们冻结了推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的信贷额度. I remember thinking ‘I am not going down!’ In my mind, I had no other choice than to take direct control, 削减成本和执行纪律,最终使公司在9个月内实现了创纪录的盈利能力和财务稳定.” Bob Chapman in 1976
1979 Barry-Wehmiller establishes an operation in Clearwater, Florida (USA), 专门为西方饮料行业设计和制造意大利填料. 1979 Clearwater Location
1980s Barry-Wehmiller introduces new branding! 1980s Barry-Wehmiller logo
Early 1980s 低迷的市场、全球经济衰退和其他经济状况引发金融衰退. Bank pulls the loan a second time. 领导团队通过重新定义核心业务和财务战略来挑战自己,重新定位公司.
1986 Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, an engineering consulting firm, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), is formed. Design Group old logo
1987 Barry-Wehmiller在伦敦证券交易所进行了3,500万美元的首次公开募股,分拆了公司三分之二的股份, divesting control of its European-based company, while retaining ownership of its historic brewery equipment business. 这极大地增强了Barry-Wehmiller的财务实力,标志着公司历史上现代篇章的开始. Harvard Business School subsequently wrote a case study on this event in the company’s history.
Barry-Wehmiller acquires ABC Conveyor & Auto-Flush Systems, Ltd., the company’s first acquisition after developing its modern growth strategy.

Strategy for Growth, Value and Liquidity 确立了识别公司和产品的理想包装机械公司的愿景.

Said Tim Sullivan, Board Member and Former Group President, Paper and Converting: “这一战略帮助推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜专注于创建一个经历了可持续和持续成功的业务. 推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜开始寻找能够补充推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜业务的公司……那些历史悠久、设备安装量大、经营困难、有动力卖给推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的公司.”
1989 Barry-Wehmiller acquires Pneumatic Scale Corporation in Quincy, Massachusetts (USA). It becomes Pneumatic Scale Angelus after the acquisition of Angelus Sanitary Can Company in 2007. Pneumatic Scale Corporation logo
1989 Barry-Wehmiller moves from 4660 West Florissant Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), to its current global headquarters at 8020 Forsyth Boulevard, Clayton, Missouri (USA). BW Headquarters St. Louis
Thiele Engineering Co. is acquired in Edina, Minnesota (USA). 1998年,BPMC和Thiele Engineering合并创建了Thiele Technologies(现在是BW Flexible Systems和BW Integrated Systems的一部分)。.
Thiele Technologies
1997 Barry-Wehmiller acquires Accraply Inc., based in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). Accraply
1997 Hayssen Inc., in Duncan, South Carolina (USA), is acquired. 随后于2006年收购Sandiacre Rose Forgrove,更名为HayssenSandiacre, and eventually, Hayssen Flexible Systems (now BW Flexible Systems). HayssenSandiacre
Barry-Wehmiller acquires Fleetwood Systems in Romeoville, Illinois (USA). 在随后的收购(现为BW Integrated Systems)后于2005年更名为FleetwoodGoldcoWyard。.
2000 Marquip Inc., of Phillips, Wisconsin (USA), is acquired. 2002年收购Ward Machinery Company和United Container Machinery,更名为MarquipWardUnited(现BW Papersystems)。. MarquipWardUnited
2000 IT consulting firm Barry-Wehmiller International Resources launched, with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) (now part of Design Group). Barry-Wehmiller International Resources

Guiding Principles of Leadership (GPL), Barry-Wehmiller’s cultural vision statement, is drafted and becomes the cornerstone of the culture.

Said Maureen Schloskey, a member of the GPL creation team: “The document we created exemplified how we wanted everyone to treat each other. We had described a ‘perfect culture’ that we would all like to aspire to achieve. 我一生中最自豪的时刻之一是当我被要求在原始GPL文件的底部签名时.” 2002 - Guiding Principles of Leadership

Barry-Wehmiller启动了GPL SSR领导认可计划,以表彰那些体现GPL中所阐述的特征的团队成员.

Tracy Williams of BW Papersystems was one of the first winners: “This award is one of the most amazing things that ever happened to me. When that car came home, my kids said ‘Wow, Mom. You did that!’” 2005 SSR Winners
2005 Barry-Wehmiller acquires Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) in Green Bay, Wisconsin (USA). PCMC
2006 Living Legacy of Leadership (L3)旨在将Barry-Wehmiller的以人为中心的领导力与精益思维相结合. L3 logo
2007 St. Louis Business Journal names Barry-Wehmiller one of the Best Places to Work in St. Louis, Missouri (USA). 2007 BestPlacesWork
2008 Barry-Wehmiller founds Barry-Wehmiller University (BWU), a continuous learning program that provides a dynamic educational experience for team members, enabling them to grow, develop, learn, advance and share their gifts with others. 2008 BWU
2008 Barry-Wehmiller revenues surpass $1 billion.

经济衰退给Barry-Wehmiller带来打击:新设备订单下降40%,造成财务不确定性. 根据“领导力指导原则”的理想和公司“通过推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜接触人们生活的方式来衡量成功”的愿景来提供方向, 首席执行官鲍勃·查普曼想出了一个办法,通过休假计划共同牺牲来度过危机.

Said Bob Chapman: “I asked myself, ‘What would a caring family do when faced with a crisis?答案是:每个人都会承受一点痛苦,这样家庭成员就不会经历巨大的损失. 商业反弹远早于更广泛的经济复苏——2010财年是盈利创纪录的一年.”

首席执行官鲍勃•查普曼的儿子凯尔•查普曼是福赛斯资本投资公司(现为BW福赛斯合伙公司)的联合创始人。, 它将私募股权经验与巴里-韦赫米勒的战略价值创造和人才实践相结合.

Said Kyle Chapman: “I am immensely grateful for the influence my dad has had on my family and business life. He has always said that ‘raising a family and running a business are no different.’ I can attest to that, 他和我母亲在我小时候教给我的东西,在我成为商界领袖后,我至今仍在使用.” 2009 Forsyth Capital Investors
2010 Our Community Listens (now Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities), 这是一个非营利组织,将巴里-韦赫米勒大学的沟通技巧培训(现在的“推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的社区倾听”)带到美国各地的社区, holds its first class. This foundational course teaches the fundamentals of listening and leadership, with the goal of positively impacting lives—at work, at home and in the community. Our Community Listens
2012 CEO Bob Chapman delivers TEDx talk at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois (USA). Bestselling author and speaker Simon Sinek hosts the event focused on “Service to Others.” Since then, Chapman’s TEDx talk has been viewed more than 200,000 times on YouTube. Bob Chapman ScottAFB Speech
2012 Barry-Wehmiller是探索频道关于减少医疗差错的纪录片《推荐全球最大网赌正规平台欢迎您》的主角. 2012 Surfing the Healthcare Tsunami
2012 CEO Bob Chapman’s Truly Human Leadership blog launches. THL old logo
2012 Barry-Wehmiller launches charitable Hearts to Hands Relief Fund, a team member-funded initiative to help coworkers in need. 2012 Hearts to Hands
2013 Barry-Wehmiller acquires first French company, Paris-based Arcil SA (now Synerlink). Arcil
2013 Barry-Wehmiller大学培训美国空军教授向飞行员教授沟通技巧训练(现在称为“像领导者一样倾听”).
Barry-Wehmiller is featured in bestselling author Simon Sinek’s Leaders Eat Last. 斯涅克在TED演讲中宣传这本书及其概念时,也提到了巴里-韦赫米勒的领导模式.
Leaders Eat Last
Inc. magazine names Barry-Wehmiller one of its “Most Audacious Companies” in the area of culture.
Said Inc. editor Scott Leibs: “Chapman believes that the only bottom line that matters is how leaders treat people.”  2014 INC Most Audacious Companies
2014 Barry-Wehmiller的MarquipWardUnited在收购Körber AG旗下Papersystems公司的业务后,显著增加了业务规模.C.H. Will GmbH, Pemco Inc. and Kugler-Womako GmbH), creating BW Papersystems and adding sheeting and sheet packaging, 以及生产制造护照的机器,文具和装订的机器, to its portfolio of capabilities.

Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family, authored by CEO Bob Chapman and Raj Sisodia, is released to critical acclaim. The WSJ bestseller is now available in five languages.

Said Bob Chapman: “我希望这本书能成为组织中各级领导人员的手册. 那么,也许推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜在旅途中发现的东西会提高工作的乐趣,并最终为许多人带来生活的乐趣." Everybody Matters Book Signing
2015 Barry-Wehmiller推出了“每个人都很重要”播客(现在被称为“真正的人类领导力播客”),分享其他志同道合的领导者的声音,他们也在努力改变世界.
2015 BW Leadership Institute (now Chapman & Co. 领导学院)的成立是为了与其他组织分享Barry-Wehmiller关于领导和培养以人为本的文化的学习. 2015 BW Leadership Institute
2015 Barry-Wehmiller从Körber AG收购德国公司Winkler+ d nnebier GmbH (W+D)和POEM GmbH. Winkler + Dunnebier
2016 Everybody Matters documentary debuts, 将Barry-Wehmiller生意的起起落落与文化的转变交织在一起. 2016 Everybody Matters film
2016 Forsyth Capital Investors(现为BW Forsyth Partners)收购HawkeyePedershaab Inc .,建立基础设施设备平台., headquartered in Mediapolis, Iowa (USA).
2016 Harvard Business School publishes second case study about Barry-Wehmiller, 这一次探索公司对团队成员责任的看法是如何影响业务的. 2016 Harvard Business School logo
2016 BW Packaging Systems debuts at Pack Expo, bringing together Accraply, BW Container Systems (now BW Integrated Systems), Hayssen Flexible Systems (now BW Flexible Systems), Pneumatic Scale Angelus, Synerlink和Thiele Technologies(现在是BW Flexible Systems和BW Integrated Systems的一部分)整合到一个解决方案驱动的平台中.
2017 CEO Bob Chapman is named in Inc. magazine list of world’s top 10 CEOs. 2017 Inc Top 10 CEOs
2017 Forsyth Capital Investors rebrands as BW Forsyth Partners. BW Forsyth logo
Across from Barry-Wehmiller’s headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), a plain park corner is transformed into magnificent gardens, pathways and outdoor gathering spaces, and named Chapman Plaza in memory of CEO Bob Chapman’s parents, Bill and Marge Chapman.
160224_Illustrative Plan_reduced_cropped
2017 Barry-Wehmiller Design Group与Barry-Wehmiller International合并,形成统一的咨询平台.
2018 BW集装箱系统团队和Thiele技术公司的终端团队成为BW集成系统. Hayssen Flexible Systems团队和Thiele Technologies的制袋和装袋/码垛团队成为BW Flexible Systems.
2018 Barry-Wehmiller revenues exceed $3 billion and 12,000+ team members globally.

当百瑞-威米勒旗下的Winkler+ d nnebier有限公司收购BICMA卫生技术有限公司时,百瑞-威米勒完成了超过100次收购, based in Mayen, Germany.

Said Rhonda Spencer, Barry-Wehmiller's Chief People Officer: “The easy part of sharing our cultural vision in newly adopted companies is that, fundamentally, all people want the same things: to feel truly known, 感觉自己对有价值的事情做出了有价值的贡献,并因这种贡献而得到认可. It’s easy for people to buy into our vison. The challenge is to ensure that we live up to that vision for every team member.”
2018 BW Leadership Institute (now Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute) adds Cape Town, South Africa, office.
2018 Barry-Wehmiller acquires first Chinese company, Dongguan-based K&H Machinery Co. Ltd., which joins BW Papersystems.
2019 First Marjorie E. Chapman Memorial College Scholarships are awarded to children of Barry-Wehmiller team members, in honor of CEO Bob Chapman’s mother’s commitment to education.
2019 BW Leadership Institute (now Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute) launches TEDxClayton, a day-long event with speakers focused on “Shaping the Human Experience.”

BW Leadership Institute changes name to Chapman & Co. Leadership Institute.

Said Sara Hannah, Managing Partner of Chapman & Co.: “We are continually inspired by Bob’s vision to change the world through business. We want to help organizations become places that bring out the best in their people. This name change is the start of a new chapter - we’re excited to see where it takes us.”   Chapman & Co Leadership Institute
2019 CEO Bob Chapman is honored with Entrepreneur Award from Arch Grants, a St. Louis, Missouri (USA), organization that helps small businesses as they are getting started.
CEO Bob Chapman tours Europe, visiting five countries to share Truly Human Leadership message with business leaders, students, human resources professionals, governmental leaders and others.
A Truly Human Leadership World Tour!

首席执行官鲍勃•查普曼的儿子凯尔•查普曼在2009年与人共同创立Forsyth Capital Investors(现为BW Forsyth Partners)后,被提升为Barry-Wehmiller的总裁, 2015年至2019年担任Barry-Wehmiller的战略财务顾问(同时共同领导BW Forsyth Partners),并于2020年初成为Barry-Wehmiller的临时首席财务官.

Said Kyle Chapman: “In this new role as president, 我的重点将是继续在推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的基础上建设一个充满活力的公司,以推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的关怀文化而闻名, 推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜致力于验证客户对推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的信任,并继续投资于以市场为导向的创新,同时强化推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜的信念,即领导的唯一途径是与人和谐相处.” Kyle Chapman

Deemed an essential business, Barry-Wehmiller powers through the COVID-19 pandemic, achieving a record 14 percent share value gain. Many of its divisions contribute to COVID-19 relief efforts, 从支持疫苗开发的Barry-Wehmiller Design Group到用于面罩的气动Scale Angelus 3d打印头带, 以及来自Synerlink的一项与accrapy和其他公司合作的工作,以填充和覆盖洗手液, to field service team members from all over consistently going above and beyond to serve customers. BW machines—including those from Baldwin Technology Company Inc., BW Papersystems and Winkler+Dünnebier GmbH—also prove essential, producing personal protective equipment when the world needs it most.

Said CEO Bob Chapman: 从加班到允许免疫功能低下的团队成员呆在家里, to sewing hundreds of masks when PPE was hard to come by, to finding a way to service a customer machine that went down and travel was challenging, our team members stepped up because we care about each other and the business. We’re proud that our performance validated again, during exceptionally challenging times, a business model design where a balance of markets, customers and technology were purposefully considered.”